Detailed list of our services

Preliminary work

  • Visiting businesses to evaluating opportunities for obtaining intellectual property (IP) assets for clients
  • Conducting prior art reviews before starting R&D projects
  • Conducting patentability opinions with database searches and using professional searchers
  • Planning IP strategies to protect innovations and creations

Application drafting

  • Drafting of patent and industrial design applications, including international (PCT) applications and provisional patent applications
  • Preparing formal drawings with professional illustrators
  • Preparing and filing of assignment documents to be registered by government officials

Filing of applications

  • Filing of applications directly with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • National phase patent entry in Canada from international (PCT) applications
  • Filing of applications throughout the world using an extensive network of foreign associates


  • Monitoring the examination of applications through all stages
  • Monitoring and paying annuities

Reviews and specialized searches

  • Conducting infringement opinions
  • Conducting freedom-to-operate opinions
  • Conducting validity opinions
  • Advising clients on how to avoid infringement of a patent, an industrial design or a utility model
  • Determining if a patent, an industrial design or a utility model has been abandoned
  • Obtaining copies of granted patents, published patent applications, registered industrial designs and utility models, including certified copies and the content of the examination file
  • Monitoring IP databases for newly published documents

Financing and transactions

  • Preparing due diligence opinions in the context of a transaction, in particular for a financing, an IP asset sale, a licensing and a business merger or acquisition
  • Preparing and filing documents to be registered by government officials after a transaction


  • Presenting IP courses to businesses
  • Presenting courses on specific IP subjects to patent agent trainees in other firms or corporations
  • Advising on implementing IP committees in SME and large enterprises
  • Organizing and presenting IP seminars

Other services

  • Reviewing draft applications for a second opinion
  • Preparing and filing defensive publications to prevent third parties from patenting a technology

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